Minor in Possession – MIP

Michigan Minor in Possession of Alcohol – MIP

If you or your child have been charged with MIP or given a ticket, you need to take this case seriously. A conviction can affect your future and there are ways to secure a clean record from a one time mistake. Below are links to important information about Minor In Possession cases.

MIP Diversion Program

In Michigan, a diversion program is available by statute. This is purely discretionary with the presiding judge, so you need to know the system and whether or not you qualify to take advantage of this one-time shot to keep your record clear

MIP Expungement

This topic is controversial as the authorities have been cracking down on MIP cases starting around 2005. Therefore, minors are just now becoming eligible to have their convictions set aside after 5 years. It is still a question as to whether or not an offense on your Michigan driving record can be expunged.

MIP Penalties

The penalties for a first offense MIP imposed by the court system may seem small. The impact of a conviction for a criminal offense can be huge. Don’t let a small fine and cost fool you into pleading guilty and getting it over with. Know the penalties and become educated.

MIP Probation

There is an opportunity in many counties in Michigan to serve a small term of probation (anywhere from 3 months to 2 years) and have a first offense MIP dismissed from your record. It would also remain non-public the entire time you are on probation.

MIP Second Offense

The legislature has made a second offense punishable by jail time ONLY if a minor violates their probation. Therefore, it can be imperative to fight these charges to avoid the possibility of jail time.

MIP Punishment

The punishment for MIP may be a fine and cost and no jail time for a first offense. But what happens when you try to apply for a job? Learn more about how you can be punished more after the fact than during your actual court appearances.

MIP Fines

The fines are typically small for MIP cases. However, there is one judge in Michigan that will set a $200 cash bond in order to avoid jail. This is done to insure that they get their money up front for all your fines and costs. Learn more about your fines and be prepared when you go to court