Diversion Program

Michigan Minor in Possession Diversion Program

If you read the MIP statute on my website, it mentions a diversion program. The legislature has made it available to students and the courts, including the Michigan Court of Appeals, have encouraged its use. It is supposed to be freely given but it is still within the discretion of the judge.  Therefore, be aware of the following:

  • Do you have a prior record of any kind, including juvenile offenses? (even if you have a juvenile offense, you still might be eligible
  • Are you willing to serve a term of probation and stay out of trouble for the entire time?
  • Are you willing to randomly test for alcohol (some courts do this, some do not)
  • Do you have future plans for professional school (any conviction can come back to haunt you)
  • Are you only charged with MIP…many times there can be additional charges at your arraignment
  • Is this your second offense?  You might still be eligible for a program called HYTA in certain counties and in certainl special circumstances
  • Are you joining the military? Recruiters have some special rules for eligibility

Learn more about the specifics of your county’s diversion program and contact Attorney Purdy for a free consultation at 1-616-502-1646.