MIP at Michigan State University

Minor in Possession at Michigan State University – MSU

If you are facing charges in East Lansing and the 54B District Court, you need to retain experienced defense counsel to protect your rights. Attorney Raymond Purdy was born and raised in Lansing and served as court appointed counsel in the East Lansing district court in 1986 and was a prosecutor for nearly 20 years in Ingham County. He knows the court system in East Lansing and how to navigate the waters to properly serve your best interests.

Raymond Purdy is a Michigan State Alum

Not only has Ray Purdy been a prosecutor in Lansing, he has degrees in Criminal Justice and a Masters degree in Education from Michigan State University. He is a proud Spartan! Add to that the fact that he was a Deputy County Sheriff in Lansing for over 10 years and you can be confident you have the right legal team working for you in East Lansing.

Hire Counsel Immediately to Protect Your Rights

Due to reputation for large crowds and parties, MSU has a very thick police presence. This includes off-campus housing as well. The local judges are fair and will usually give the diversion program, but you typically will need to plead NOT GUILTY at your arraignment and speak with the prosecuting officials. Hire an attorney as you may have defenses to your charges. In addition, the police will charge additional charges like attempting resisting and obstructing where you MUST hire an attorney to protect your rights.

Is Your Case an Ordinance Case With the City of East Lansing?

2012 Update!! You need to call the court and confirm who the prosecuting agency is for your MIP. If it is the City of East lansing attorney and not the state attorney, there is a possibility you could get a better deal than the standard diversion program. You can confirm this by calling the court and getting your case number. It will typically have a reference to the year…2011…an assigned number…and then either OM or SM. The OM stands for Ordinance and means that it is usually a City of East Lansing case.

If you have a City of East Lansing case or a State case, contact an attorney immediately to discuss your case.

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