MIP in Ottawa County

Minor in Possession in Ottawa County – Hudsonville

Ottawa County and the Hudsonville District Court in particular, has one of the toughest court systems for alcohol charges relating to Minor in Possession. It was so controversial, that News 8 went behind the scenes to uncover the facts relating to Judge Post in Hudsonville.

Diversion Program in Ottawa County

Judge Post now offers a diversion program in Ottawa County for Minor in Possession of Alcohol – MIP.

The diversion program in Michigan is clearly available, but at the discretion of the Judge and Prosecutor. In Ottawa county, it is difficult to obtain the diversion program without an attorney helping you every step of the way. In Hudsonville District court the judge now offers a diversion program but requires minors to complete numerous steps BEFORE he will even consider you eligible. Even if you complete all the requirements, you can still be turned down by the judge if you do not have the proper reasons for requesting special treatment by the court.

Attorney Raymond Purdy regularly handles cases in the Hudsonville court and has helped hundreds of Grand Valley State University Students resolve their cases and protect their futures. Do not wait until it is too late and you have made a mistake before Judge Post. Know the court procedures ahead of time and hire Ray Purdy to be by your side the entire time.

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In Holland and Grand Haven it is easier to obtain the diversion program, but it is certainly not guaranteed by any means. Taking the right steps from the time of your offense is crucial to ensuring that you have the best possible chance of keeping your record clean.

If you have been charged with MIP in this county, you should seriously consider hiring an attorney that is experienced in this court.

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