Are You the Parent of a Minor Charged with MIP?

If you have a son or daughter who is charged with MIP it is a certainty that you will have more questions than answers.

Many of the answers to your major questions can be found on this site and our blog as it is updated. You can call Attorney Purdy any time day or night and get answers to your questions about procedure, cost, and how to protect their future.  There is no charge for a telephone consultation and it is worth it to get answers to your most important questions.

Please remember that it was a big step for your child to contact you and disclose that they are facing criminal charges. The next step is to contact an Attorney who deals with MIP cases on a regular basis and knows the court system.

Your Child’s Future Could Be Affected

If a minor simply pleads guilty without telling anyone and paying the small fine and cost, they will not see an immediate impact for their choice. However, the job market is very competitive and employers are regularly asking about criminal convictions, even misdemeanors. MIP is a misdemeanor like an assault and battery and will appear on their record.

In addition, it could affect their ability to get into professional schools. Insurance rates may increase as well as more companies are running regular checks on minor driving records.

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Our Firm Offers Student Discounts

We understand that you are already paying a large amount of money for schooling. We offer student discounts as well as discounts if multiple students retain our firm from parties and situations where the police ticket multiple students. Contact our office today to find out more at 1-616-502-1646