Representing Michigan College Students

We are proud to represent hard-working college students that make the mistake of underage drinking and get charged with MIP. This can affect you in many ways other than a criminal conviction.

  • Might have to tell your parents (who might be paying for your college)
  • Time away from your studies to appear in court and meet with an attorney
  • Money out of your pocket for attorney fees and fines and costs
  • Travel back to Michigan if you attend school out of state
  • Future job applications
  • Medical/Law/ Professional schools

MIP at The University of Michigan

The courts in Ann Arbor are pretty liberal. They have a very streamlined program for the diversion program and a diversion program is possible for a second offense in certain special cases.

MIP at Western Michigan University

The police at WMU are certainly on party patrol at the fraternity and sorority houses and off-campus apartment complexes. The court system in Kalamazoo handles MIP cases efficiently, but knowledge of the process would certainly be helpful to save you time and hassle.

MIP at Kalamazoo College

The City of Kalamazoo will most likely be your prosecutor and they operate in a different manner than the State prosecutors. Learn how to handle these differences for your K College MIP case.

MIP at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Depending on where you are arrested or given a ticket, you might be in Portage district court. Judge Kropf is fair but firm so you need to know how to prepare yourself for court.

MIP at Grand Valley State University

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!  Judge Post is extremely strict on MIP cases. If you have been arrested or given a ticket for MIP at GVSU, you owe it to yourself to speak with an attorney and find out how to handle his court system. You can search on YouTube for the “MIP Hanging Judge” and he will come up. Fair warning.

MIP at Michigan State University

East Lansing courts can be laid back as well but you need to make sure that you plead not guilty at your arraignment. The judges have been known to accept a guilty plea and give the student fines and costs and out the door. Some will try and warn the student and tell them about a diversion, but it depends on the docket and time. Learn more about MIP cases at MSU.

MIP at Other Michigan Colleges

Even if you attend community college or one on the East side of the state, our office can help. Learn more about your particular district court and how you can protect your future today.

Our Firm Offers Student Discounts

We understand that you and your parents are already paying a large amount of money for schooling. We offer student discounts as well as discounts if multiple students retain our firm from parties and situations where the police ticket multiple students. Contact our office today to find out more at 1-616-502-1646